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Various Shapes And Styles Of Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags, as well all know, are the bags that fulfill the purpose of our beds, usually when we are out on trips. These bags come in various shapes and styles to get fit in each and everybody’s requirement.

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Grand Canyon Richmond 1 Tent

Kids sleeping bag:

A child has a harder time staying warm than an adult, so keep this in mind when you buy them a sleeping bag. A cool summer night can make a child cool, so consider a mummy bag like Tigger by North Face to keep it warm and comfortable.


Provides more warmth for cooler conditions and is more compact / lighter when packed. A narrow and narrowly insulated hood means less air for your body to get hot. This bag is wide on the shoulder and narrowed to the feet.


This sleeping bag is ideal for camping at campsites because it gives you more room to move. This sleeping bag is not suitable for winter because of the larger area that you have to heat and the open-top design.

This is the best design for a double sleeping bag, usually, you can only unite the same two types. Not for fans of backpacking and hiking gear who are aware of the weight.


The combination of this mummy and rectangular sleeping bag hybrid divides the middle between space to move and warmth.