Definition of Construction Law and its Terms


The law related to legal issues regarding a building or construction is called as construction law. The construction law is important to be introduced when it comes to construction of the building or structure. Moreover, this law usually comes under 3 laws of the state, local and federal. For instance; the state law is related to the environments safety regulations, the local law related to the restrictions of the noise coming from the job site and finally the federal law which is related to the worksite being safe during the work.

The construction industry is a common industry comprising of legal disputes that can arise at any time. Therefore, in order to tackle the issues construction law needs to be introduced.

Let’s check some basic terms in the world of construction law.

  1. Mechanics Lien – Whenever a charge is applied on the construction site by the construction company, it is called as mechanics lien. This is important to make sure everyone and everything gets paid.
  2. Defect – The structure comprising of a fault such as cracks on the wall during the construction is called as a defect.
  3. Contractor – The one who takes the responsibility to construct the structure or building is called as a contractor.
  4. OSHA – Also known as Occupational Safety and Health Administration is run by the government looking after the safety and health measures at the work site.

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