Relying On Local Police Or Private Security?

A growing number of businesses and individuals are turning to private security to provide unarmed and armed security guards for personal protection, events, facilities, and other security needs.

The industry is currently in a growth pattern, according to an IBIS World Industry Report, and should continue growing as clients realize the advantages of having their security solution as opposed to relying on local police. If you want to hire private security services, then you can navigate to

Also, cuts in municipal budgets are resulting in fewer law enforcement officers to provide protection. This is helping to spur growth in the private security industry.

When considering whether to hire your security guard services or rely on local law enforcement, think about these advantages of private guards:


Most arrests, incidents and other actions taken by government law enforcement agencies are subject to public records, whereas actions taken by private security are not unless they result in an arrest.

For organizations conscious about their public image and media scrutiny, the discretion provided by private security can be a great advantage.


In most cases, local police will have to travel from a police station or precinct to respond to your call for service, whereas your private guard services will be on-site and able to quickly respond to any need that may arise. This allows them to more quickly disrupt mischief or other unauthorized activities on your property.

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