The Latest Wedding Flower Trends – Fresh Details For Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets have been a mainstay of wedding flowers since ancient times. The bride has brought bouquets since ancient Greece when herbal bouquets were transported to ward off evil spirits.

Wedding bouquets continued to develop through the Victorian era when many flowers were placed in bridal bouquets because of their meaning. If you are looking for wedding and event floral stylist then you are at right place.

These days, bridal bouquets are still the focal point of wedding flowers and are undoubtedly the best accessory of every bride.

Just as the use of herbs and flowers in wedding bouquets has evolved, so have other details of bridal bouquets.

With a fresh new design for wedding flowers, bridal bouquets are becoming increasingly unique and personalized.

Wedding flowers are the best way to show your style and give a special touch to your wedding ceremony and reception decoration.

So how do you make your bridal bouquets stand out? Read on and find the most inventive new ideas for bridal bouquets and decide which fresh trends are right for your wedding flowers.

Here's what's new in a bridal bouquet:


Monograms can be displayed with wedding flowers in a number of different ways. Bridal bouquets wrapped in ribbons and cloth can display monograms embroidered onto fabric or sewn onto the fabric with beads or rhinestones.

Different texture

Today's wedding flowers feature a variety of different blooms and other items that combine together to create beautiful textures that add a little unexpected to the bridal bouquets.

The simplest way to add various textures to your wedding flowers is to use several types and shapes of flowers that are mixed together.

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