Tips on Writing Wine Tasting Notes


Keeping a wine tasting note allows one to understand and get a few tips on buying a good-quality of wine. However, today’s wine tasting notes seem to be inclined towards the consumer rating system which are not helpful. But there are tips that can get you to get your favorite wine. Just make sure that you have strong taste buds in order to differentiate the aromas, body acidic levels etc.

The Aromas –There are 3 categories when it comes to differentiating the aromas of the wine.

  • Primary – The primary aroma tells you about the type of grapes along with the region where it is grown. The aroma of the grapes may be in the form of herbal and flora.
  • Secondary – The secondary aroma is known to give you a brief sense of winemaking process similar to the ones of freshly baked bread.
  • Tertiary – This aroma tells you the wines age, stored in a barrel.

Body, Tannin and Acidity –

  • Body – Wine comes in 3 types of body-level; light, medium and heavy. This allows you to guess as to how the body of the wine feels inside your mouth.
  • Tannin – Tannins are what describes the wines texture. For instance; check whether your mouth feels heavy or lips sticking to the teeth.
  • Acidity – High acidic wines will feel like a lemon while low acidic wine will feel like a watermelon.

Make sure you understand the hierarchy about wine before you note down those important points for yourself. You can also take a few swan valley wine tours to get a better understanding about the various types of wines.

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