Graphics T-Shirt Production

In almost every art form on the planet, the design is a very strong and essential element of art. This is often influenced by certain time trends, preferences of general fashion trends from artists and many other factors. Examples of very brilliant and vivid artistic expressions are graphic shirts.

Graphic shirts are considered as examples of two-dimensional art. Because shirts are made of cloth which is one of the most basic art materials, it is very easy to put a design on it. You can print or buy t-shirts with cool sayings.  

In fact, after the appearance of the fashion revolution, various materials have been developed exclusively to design shirts made from different fabrics. There are textile paints, airbrushes, glittery glues, threads, stencils, designs that only need to be ironed on clothes and more.

Its Fun to Shoot Some People T-Shirt

And because of the feasibility and large market for shirts, maybe also hand in hand with the further pursuit of the arts, there are various methods of t-shirt printing used by many artists and t-shirt manufacturers in various parts of the World.

At the top of the list is screen printing where ink is spread over the screen so that the ink will not spill into the area where it should not be. This is widely used especially in mass-produced shirts.

The disadvantage of this particular method is that it is not economical to use this if the shirt to be made is relatively small because the screen is quite expensive.

The manual method is very similar but the manual is the use of stencils. In this method, the pattern is carved from a carton or plastic film. These pieces are placed on the shirt and the paint is applied accordingly.

There are many paints available that are compatible with various types of fabric so that it won't be too difficult to use this way. In fact, this is one of the most used in art classes and for printing small quantities of shirts.

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