Tips on Choosing a Wine


Wine is a subjective matter where some hate it while others absolutely adore it. If you fancy yourself in trying to taste wine for the very first time, then your taste buds will help you to decide whether or not you like one. Here are a few tips that will help you find the right wine for yourself when you’re out there hunting one.

  1. Acidity –A wine comes in acidic level from low to high acidity level. Wine consisting of low acidity comes with a rich taste while the ones with high acidity will have a tart taste.
  2. Sweetness – When it comes to the sweetness, wines have 3 types of sweet taste; sweet, semi-sweet and dry. Based on your taste bud, you can choose the one you want however, dry wines are quite bitter when it comes to taste.
  3. Alcohol – Wines with high alcohol with 5.5% and above will have a warm feeling inside the mouth and throat. While wines with low alcohol content is the opposite feeling.
  4. Body – Light, medium and full defines the body of a wine. Body if a wine is how the individual feels after the wine is consumed. When it comes to red and white wine, red wine comes in full body because of the grapes grown in warm temperature regions. On the other hand, white wines are made of grapes which are usually grown in cool weather regions.
  5. Tannin – Tannins are compounds responsible to produce bitter-like taste inside the mouth. These compounds are added in an artificial manner during the aging process of a wine.

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